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The Carré Bastille Association brings together traders, artisans, creators and artists, from the streets:

  • Roquette (from Bastille to Léon Blum),
  • Charonne (from St Antoine to Ledru Rollin),
  • Sedaine,
  • Lappe,
  • Thiéré,
  • Tailors ,
  • Keller,
  • Basfroi,
    and passages:
    Bullourde, Josset, Thiéré, Cheval Blanc, Louis-Philippe, St Antoine, Lhomme, Charles Dallery, Basfroi.
    The Association has a hundred members interested in more communication, solidarity, mutual aid, meetings and joint projects.

The purpose of the Association is to federate the professionals of the district, and to o